Apricot Chamomile Body Scrub


Apricot Chamomile scrub encapsulates the sweet scent of apricots and soothing chamomile. Our sugar scrubs are great for exfoliation, providing moisture, and leaving you with smooth, glowing skin. Available in 8 oz jars.

Top: Apple, Grapefruit, Bachu, Strawberry, Mint

Mid: Jasmine, Peach, Apricot, Plum

Dry: Musk



Envelop yourself in a cocoon of relaxation as the delicate scent of chamomile calms your mind and soothes your senses, transforming your shower routine into a spa-like experience. Let the stresses of the day melt away as you bask in the tranquil ambiance created by this harmonious blend of ingredients.

With each use, experience the softening touch of our meticulously crafted formula, enriched with nourishing oils and botanical extracts that leave your skin feeling irresistibly silky and velvety smooth. Say goodbye to dryness and rough patches as the scrub lavishes your skin with moisture, leaving it supple, hydrated, and glowing with health.

Indulge in the ultimate pampering experience and treat your skin to the luxury it deserves with our Apricot Chamomile body scrub. Revel in its nourishing, relaxing, exfoliating, and softening benefits, and let your skin radiate with renewed beauty and vitality.


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