Gifting Refined: Discover Our Best Collection of Gift Sets

Luxury Gifting: Transforming Spaces with Love City's Blissful Sets

Discover Tranquility

Indulge in luxury with our Tranquility Unleashed Gift Set, priced at $85.00. Imagine a sensory experience featuring a lavish Body Scrub, a 10 oz Candle, Wax Melts, a Reed Diffuser, and a Room Spray. Elevate your surroundings and envelop yourself in tranquility.

Harmonious Glow Ensemble

Bathe your space in a harmonious glow with our specially curated set of 5 candles. The collection boasts the comforting aura of Vanilla Blossom and the romantic allure of Date Night. Infuse your home with sophistication using this well-rounded set.

Serenity Trio - Evoking Emotions

Embark on a journey of serenity with our enchanting Serenity Trio. Each candle embodies distinct emotions, showcasing Date Night, Friendship, and Love City Fantasy. Share the gift of serenity, love, and camaraderie with this refined trio.

Love City Candles’ Gift Sets redefine luxury gifting, creating lingering moments. Elevate your gifting experience with these thoughtfully curated sets that transform spaces and evoke emotions. Illuminate your space with our luxurious candles and let the warmth of these gifts resonate in every corner.